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Fondling Bondage Ties

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

“Well,” she said, “you’re going to whether you want to or
not. It’s called ‘My Little Instant Erection’. Here’s how it
When I tickle him he laughs.
When I spank him he cries.
When I squeeze him he screams.
When I fondle him he sighs.
He’s my personal playtoy
With an instant erection;
A snap of my fingers
And he’s ready for action.”

She slid one hand down under my buttocks and lifted me several
inches off the floor to plant a kiss on the end of my nose.
“Isn’t that right, Baby Buns? Tell my friend Jeannie what you
are to me.”

Rebel Against Her Will

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Nevertheless, I still found myself rebelling against her
fondling me in public, and the matter came to a head one night,
after I had been living with her about six weeks, when she was
entertaining her friends at her home. I was circulating through
the crowd serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres when I heard one of
Bonnie’s girl friends asking her when she was going to marry me.
Bonnie threw back her head and roared with laughter. “Marry
him!” she exclaimed. “Why should I marry him? I own him! He’s
my little toy. You don’t marry a toy; you play with it, and when
you get bored with it you throw it away.” Turning to me, where I
was serving drinks several feet away, she said, “Isn’t that
right, Baby Buns?”
I put the tray down and went over to her. “I didn’t hear
that,” I said.
She chuckled, put one arm around my waist and pulled me
against her. “I made up a little poem about you, Baby Buns. Want
to hear it?”
I flushed. “Well, I don’t know…”

Move In With Mistress

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Several times when we were
standing at a bar and a stool vacated next to us, she would reach
down, slide one hand under my buttocks and lift me effortlessly
off the floor to place me on the empty stool, much to the amuse-
ment of the others in the bar and to my embarrassment. When I
would plead with her to be a little more discreet, she would
laugh and asked me what I thought I could do about it, and I
could only lapse into helpless silence.
Finally my savings gave out and, when my landlord was
threatening to evict me, I tearfully pleaded with Bonnie to let
me keep enough money to at least pay my bills. Instead, she an-
nounced that I would move in with her and become her housemaid
and personal, live-in playtoy, and that for the privilege of
sharing her quarters and giving her my paycheck every week, I
would be obliged to take care of her home after work. She paid
off the balance of my rent and other bills, sold my few pieces of
furniture and moved me in with her. Although I was initially
concerned that my body could not stand on a daily basis the kind
of treatment to which she had been subjecting me each week, she
obviously had the same concern, for on week nights she contented
herself with lifting, tickling and fondling me, and only occasi-
onally making love to me, but always being careful not to hurt
me. Only on weekends did she give me the full treatment.

Eager To Be Bondaged

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Yet, after each of these
sessions when she had me in bed raping me, she gave me such
intense ecstacy that I found myself more and more willing to
endure the pain and humiliation which preceded her lovemaking.
There was one aspect of our relationship, however, that I
could not endure. That was the way she treated me in public. In
every way she made it clear to anyone watching us that, in
addition to towering over me, she was the stronger and dominant
partner. She would always walk ahead of me with long strides,
forcing me to trot to keep up with her. She would open doors for
me and order for me in restaurants. On the dancefloor, she would
lead, with her right arm firmly around my waist bending me
backward and molding my body to hers as we danced, my eyes about
level with her throat. Worst of all, she thought nothing of
fondling me in public, squeezing my buttocks or tickling the
inside of my thighs, or running her hands up and down my body
sensuously to stimulate an erection.

Abused At Her Pleasure

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Then I began to notice that every couple of weeks or so she
would have added new weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment to
her gameroom (purchased with my money, undoubtedly!). During
this same period, subtle changes in her body began to become
apparent; her chest and shoulders became broader and deeper, her
body harder and her arms and legs bigger and more muscular, until
my own arms and legs seemed like broomsticks by comparison. She
even gained a couple of inches in height so that, now at an even
six feet, she towered three inches above me which, since she
always wore 5″ heels when we went out together, made me feel like
a small child when I stood next to her. Moreover, as she became
bigger and stronger, overpowering me on the wrestling mat or
beating me into submission in her new boxing ring became such a
quick and effortless exercise for her–and even more painful for
me–that she seemed almost bored. Finally she discovered that
she could arouse herself sexually by simply picking me up in her
hands and, holding me at arms’ length, tickling, squeezing,
bending and twisting my body at will while I screamed and
thrashed about helplessly in her grip. In short, she had become
a complete sadist, and my body had become her defenseless toy, to
be used or abused at her pleasure.

Bondage Femdom

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

She would make me spend Saturdays
helping her clean her apartment, and Saturday nights she would
take me out, either to dinner or to a movie before taking me to
my apartment, tossing me into my bed and raping me a couple more
times for good measure, leaving me Sunday to recover from my
ordeal. To make matters worse, after several weeks she started
taking me out with her friends, to whom she would brag about how
easily she could beat me up and rape me at will, paying no
attention to how embarrassing her boasts were to me. After a
while, her friends made no secret of their contempt for me,
referring to me as “Bonnie’s battered boyfriend” or “Bonnie’s
love toy.”