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Cooking For Mistress

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

It is a long drive home, even longer because I take my time. I
can’t go into my apartment until my roomates have gone to bed.
While I realize that I am being punished, I have no desire to
explain my condition to my brother or to confront his girlfriend “au-

Lesson One has been learned the hard way. “Restrain yourself
in the presence of your Mistress”. If you had wanted me to pleasure
you I would have been told to do so. I overstepped my bounds, and
will work to control myself in the future. (more…)

Femdom Story

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

After what seemed like hours you finally hear me come
through the door. After that, nothing. You know I’m in the house
but you can’t hear where I am. You suddenly feel a presence
behind you but you discount it as your imagination but the
feeling persists and you start feeling scared. You feel two
rubber-clad hands gently grasp your head where the lower jaw
connects with your skull. You know better than to speak or move.
I rotate your head 90 degrees and you feel two soft lips pressed
to yours as a sweet tasting tounge sweeps through your mouth and
just as quickly the tounge and lips leave and your head is
returned to the forward position. You feel two clothed arms wrap
around your shoulders and my soft lips nibbling on your ear. (more…)