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Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

She then left the room and quickly returned with a box of
plastic wrap. She sat back down in front of me and unraveled a
couple feet of the plastic wrap. “This ought to do,” she said,
as she tore the wrap from the box. She then carefully wrapped
and sealed my engorged cock in plastic wrap, forming a reservoir
at the top. “Now you won’t make a mess!” She said giggling.
She then spread some K-Y jelly all over the plastic wrap and
began firmly and stongly jagging my cock off. She kept pumping
my cock harder and harder until I couldn’t take it any more as
she spurted every last drop of cum out of me.
I watched as I quickly swelled the reservoir at the tip of my
cock. The last damn thing she did was to pull off that rubber band
still tightly wrapped around my balls. As she did so, it gave off
a little twang and one more cum shot dripped out.
I was now completely exhausted!