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Little pain loving slut

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

I like picking up different girls and screwing them the first
night. Mostly all it takes to get ‘em open-legged and ’sans panties’ is
a bit of alcohol, other times they might need some bullshit lies and a
dose of verbal reassurance before they’ll spin on my cock. I never give
a shit about precautions, and with the amount of spunk I shove into ‘em
I guess I must’ve spawned one or two along the way. Over the years I
must’ve screwed hundreds of different girls, mainly from casual pick-ups
in discos or at parties, and I’d always been able to judge the right
moves to open ‘em up. Always, that is, until I happened to meet one
particular girl on a city disco floor.

She was quite small, around five feet two inchs in her stockings
and very petite, with breasts that were only slightly larger than average for her size. I’d danced with her for the final half-hour but she
remained very cool, even during the smoochy numbers. So, although she’d
accepted my offer of a lift home, I was anticipating one or two minor
problems when it came to talking her out of her knickers. Little did I
realise what a complete surprise she would soon turn out to be.

When I took her home I discovered she lived alone in a small house
left to her by her grandparents, and was somewhat surprised when she
invited me inside for coffee. After making me a cup of coffee she disappeared upstairs, but my mouth dropped open when she came back down ten
minutes later wearing a flimsy bra-less lace-up camisole with no crotch
and hold up stockings. Blessing my luck, I started to smile as she
moved closer. She boldly walked over to the sofa, but I almost dropped
my cup when she spoke.

“Hit me!” She lifted her chin slightly as if to invite a blow. I
treated it like a playful joke at first and tapped her lightly on her

“Don’t be such a fucking wimp!” There was disgust in her voice and
I was riled immediately. I glared at her but she met my stare head on.
“Hit me I said!” She sounded frustrated, “Hard, with your fist, like
this!” And she held up a clenched fist as an example.

Online bondage story

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

I had never been an actual slave in “real life”, although I had had
strong fantasies about being a slave for just about as long as I could
remember. I have a very submissive nature, especially around someone who
is able to bring out that side of me. This story is about a Mistress I
Mistress R. was my online Mistress. We had never actually met; we
only corresponded through the email on a local BBS. All I knew about her
was what I could read in her “bio”. She was 33 years old, 5′9″ tall and
weighed 140 pounds. She was married and had red hair. Most of the other
answers in her bio were normal enough, but under a question about
personality types, she had selected “dominant”. Of course, with my
submissive side, I had to write to her and explore just what she meant by
that answer, and I was happy to learn that she liked to fantasize about
being a Mistress. Based on this, we soon formed an online relationship
with her as the Mistress and me as the slave. (more…)

Submissive lesbian

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

We took the highway early in the morning to our weekend’s destination. My
slave girl and I in a nice rental car. Our costumes were in the trunk, the
fresh coffee was aromatic in the car, we shared a muffin while Mina drove. My
private property… She was wearing white lacy garters under her pants. I
passed my hands along her smooth neck and through hair every once in a while
and she would turn around to give me a pleasant smile of deep contentment

After passing through the U.S. border which was guiding us along our way
to New York — the city of opportunities, I ordered her to stop at a gas
station, I took her to the restroom, unbuttoned her pants, lowered them, and
then inserted a butt plug — gliding it against her clit — nice and smooth
while I cleaned up the excess of Jelly… Then kissed her bum and gave her a
slim sexy skirt which exposed her beautiful legs. As we left the restroom a
couple of men waiting for their own woman to come out commented on her legs.
They wished they could enjoy her for at least the evening. I felt proud. (more…)

Female domination at college

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

The light had started to filter into Tom’s dorm room, turning the
interior of the room a bright orange color. He was still studying for his
mid-term exam in Biology and needed to get this work done, otherwise he
would not be able to pass this class. But as Tom worked on his memorization,
his mind began to wander. Would he be able to do anything tonight with his
girlfriend, Laura? Or would he be stuck here tonight studying while his
friends went to the pub and got totally blasted? Ultimately, he figured that
he would probably be here for the remainder of the night, staying up with his
notes rather than spending the night with Laura. He had just settled back to
study, when there was a knock on the door. He got up and shuffled across the
room to the door. When he opened the door, he could not believe what his eyes
were seeing! Laura was standing there in the doorway, wearing the tightest
leotard and spandex pants that she could fit on her curvaceous body. In an
instant, he knew where she was going dressed like that. (more…)