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Overcome the pain

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

“Fucking hell!” I thought, “She’s the kinkiest piece of ass I’ve
ever met!” Unzipping fast I undid my trousers and pushed them and my
shorts down to my knees together. My cock was already rock hard and
instead of bothering with the usual niceties I jammed it roughly against
her battered cunt, making her scream in pain. By the sound of her scream
I must’ve really caused some good damage to her crotch yet couldn’t care
less as I forced the swollen flesh to part enabling me to sink inside
her and push my cock all the way up to the root. Amazingly she seemed
to overcome the pain and was now trying to pull her nipples off, twisting them and jerking upwards with both her hands. I got angrier still.

Bobbi Starr dominates her office boss and fucks his ass

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

When a gorgeous but bitchy intern gets a lousy work review from her stuffy supervisor, she decides to visit his office in her hottest short skirt and stockings. She attempts to seduce him into re-grading her review, but when he refuses her solicitous advances her demeanor turns from sensuous to sadistic.

Bobbi Starr's beautiful ass is licked, kissed and worshiped, her delicious pussy is fucked to satisfaction, and her boss is left with a reamed and stretched asshole from a hard dick on a stick butt fucking, and a pain hangover that makes him wish he'd just called in sick that day.

Claire Adams electrocutes slave dick

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Man enough for an electrified catheter in the urethra? How about a fat strap-on in the ass with sadistic Miss Adams at the wheel? Not sure? Maybe the Good Mistress's evil suspension bondage will tip the scales. Nomad made it though, albeit a bit shaken by the whole thing. You really should check this out.

Vicious bastard

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

“Oh, Yeah!” She shouted, “Now FUCK ME hard you vicious bastard, I
want to feel I’ve been really fucked after this. Go on stick it in, dig
it in deep, try and give me a good fucking, you spineless bastard!” Her
insult immediately brought another swift punch smashing into her exposed
cunt. “Yeooooaarrgghh!” She yelped, “You’re working…me over… so
good! Go on now….do it! Fuck me…ouowgh…hard! Hurt me some…more!
I don’t…ooowhhh…fucking care! Do…any..thing! Gimme-a…baby! Gimme
some…good…oowwgh…fucking diseases!” She was trying to gather her
breath to shout. “I…DON’T GIVE…A FUCKING SHIT! Be a…MAN…just..
get into…my hole and…aaarrgh…FUCK IT INTO ME!!”

Kimberly Kane on Top, fucks up eager slaveboy

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

To prepare for her first time ever dominating a man, Kimberly has been studying. It's clear she is an apt pupil when she tears into Wolf with full on, unapologetic sadism and raw sex appeal. She is irresistible, telling him, 'I'm the prettiest bitch here. You're my bitch, and I'm going to make you ugly, so no one will ever want you, and you'll stay with me forever...'

She ties his ass up and makes him tell her how hot she is, what he would do to her if he could move a muscle. Lucky boy gets to fuck her if he can do a good job and get her off as she slaps the SHIT out of his pretty face... 'This is a fucking pretty cock and it's all mine, forever, now give me my fucking come.'