Abused At Her Pleasure

Then I began to notice that every couple of weeks or so she
would have added new weightlifting and bodybuilding equipment to
her gameroom (purchased with my money, undoubtedly!). During
this same period, subtle changes in her body began to become
apparent; her chest and shoulders became broader and deeper, her
body harder and her arms and legs bigger and more muscular, until
my own arms and legs seemed like broomsticks by comparison. She
even gained a couple of inches in height so that, now at an even
six feet, she towered three inches above me which, since she
always wore 5″ heels when we went out together, made me feel like
a small child when I stood next to her. Moreover, as she became
bigger and stronger, overpowering me on the wrestling mat or
beating me into submission in her new boxing ring became such a
quick and effortless exercise for her–and even more painful for
me–that she seemed almost bored. Finally she discovered that
she could arouse herself sexually by simply picking me up in her
hands and, holding me at arms’ length, tickling, squeezing,
bending and twisting my body at will while I screamed and
thrashed about helplessly in her grip. In short, she had become
a complete sadist, and my body had become her defenseless toy, to
be used or abused at her pleasure.

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