Bitchy Dominatress

You went to the college mixer without expecting a lot. You knew that
your roommate was away for the weekend, but as you didn’t have a date set up,
you figured on a lonely weekend.

Then Dave came up and introduced himself to you. He was very
hansome, in a sort of Steve Guttenberg way, Curly Black hair, good
muscles, and his tight jeans gave you a good view of his ass. After asking
you to dance he begins coming on strong. You decide, What the hell, and
mention that you have your apartment to yourself for the weekend. Even
the Family that lives downstairs in the house is away visiting relatives.

You both brought cars, so he gets directions from you and says that he’ll
pick up some booze and some snacks on the way. Yu rush home and as you’ve
been feeling horny all day, decide to change into something that will be
suggestive. You go to your closet and put on the red bra that opens in the
front, a white top that has a low scoop neck, and a pair of tight jeans.
You were already wearing your nearly transparent black panties.

Dave rings the bell as you put the last drop of perfume in the valley
between your breasts.

You open the door and Dave walks in. As he begins to speak you
realize that he has had a couple of drinks. He opens a bag to reveal a
quart bottle of rum that is nearly half empty. He is no longer trying to
come on to you, he’s talking as if you were his to do with as he pleased. He
goes to the kitchen and gets a pair of glasses.

Pouring both of you a drink, and not bothering with mixers, he grabs
your ass. Before he had tried very hard to be suave, now he’s just drunk.
You, on the other and are terribly horny. He got you that way and as you try
to think about what to do to salvage the evening he passes drunk into stage
two. He gets up and grabs your left breast in a proprietary way. As you
pull away, your top rips, spilling your breast out into sight.

This is enough. You let him have it in the jaw with your right.
While the punch wasn’t all that much, he falls over, and when you go to him it
is plain that between your punch and his booze, he is dead to the world.

You are really pissed. With great effort you get him turned over and
drag him out of the living room to the bedroom.

Dave woke up in the morning, surprized to find himself unable to move.
When he shook the covers off a bit, he found that his clothes were gone, he
was in a strange room, and that his hands and feet were securely tied. Dave
struggles a bit, and finally calls out. You are downstairs and enter the
room wearing a fairly see through baby doll nighty. Dave sees you and
demands to be untied. You laugh and tell him that he has a few debts to pay

Dave says a nasty word. You wistle and in comes Rex, your
landlord’s german shepard. Rex looks like e works part time as a police
dog. Rex rubs his head against your side, as you tell Dave that Rex will not
like it if hears anyone yelling at you. You tell Rex to go to the living
room and Rex walks out obediently.

You go over Dave’s behavior the way your third grade teacher would
have gone over a fight in the playground. You tell Dave that he needs to
change his attitude, and not to act like a ten year old. When Dave continues
to be unrepetant, you leave and return with a safety razor and a can of
shave cream.

You get on the bed, and as Dave struggles, grip his balls with one hand
and tell him that if he moves, you may nick something. When he continues to
wiggle, you tighten your grip until he lies still.

You are annoyed at his mouth. You take off your baby doll
bottoms, giving him a good though quick look at your proof that your blond
hair is natural and stuff them in his mouth. He tries to keep his mouth closed,
but a little pressure cures that.

You pull an extra rope from under the bed and wrap him about the chest
with it to hold him still. You also use some adhesive tape to keep his mouth

You ask him how he likes your taste. He can’t answer, but you want to
remind him of what he missed by being a prick and getting drunk. You
spray out a glob of shaving cream and cover his pubic hair with it. You grip
his rod to get leverage. As you shave off his pubic hair you tell him that
you are doing this because if he wants to act like a ten year old, he should
look the part.

His prick shows how even in his present position, he is very turned on
by what you are doing. As you wipe the last of his hair off with the remains
of the foam, you tell him that one of the things he did that made you most
angry was to have gotten you horny and then not to have satisfied you.

There is an angry gleam in your eye as you fondle his prick and balls
and tell him that when you’re finnished with him, he will know how to act
around a woman.

You leave him alone for about 15 minutes and then return, still only
wearing the top, but with a polaroid camera in hour hands. You begin to snap
pictures of him. Because he isn’t erect when you begin, you gently stroke
his member until it is hard. You snap another picture telling him you
want it to be obvious that he’s enjoying himself.

You leave the room and when you return you tell him that you have sent
them to yourself at a friend’s house where they will be safe. If he shows the
propper attitude, you will let him see you destroy them in the middle of the

You are still wearing only the baby doll top. Your muff shows as you
move around, and you can tell from his eyes that he is very interested. You
make a show of bending over so he can see your ass and the blond fringe that
shows between your thighs.

Sitting on the bed, you stretch a moment so that your mound is in full
view, and then reach over and begin to play with his rod. You can hear him
moan through your panties.

You ask him if he likes the way you taste. He squirms at the touch of
your hand, but shakes his head yes. You ask him if he is ready to begin
paying you back. Your hand continues to stroke his cock as he nods yes again.
You ask him if he is ready to taste the real thing. He nods vigorously.
You stand up, letting go of him. He thrusts his hips at your departing
hand, but you walk over to the dresser. Putting a gobb of hand lotion in
your hand, you return.

You smear it over his cock. Tearing the tape off his mouth, you
remove your panties from his mouth, then kneeling on either side of his face
you lower your slick mass of blond curls into his mouth.

His mouth is quite dry, but you are so wet that it doesn’t matter.
You grip the shaft of his rod, being careful not to touch the head (you arn’t
ready to let him have any release) and stroke him as you give him
instructions in licking pussy.

You tell him he must show respect or he will be gagged again, and the
pictures will show up all over campus.

Dave realizes who is the mistress here. He follows your
instructions to the letter as you have orgasm after orgasm.

After making him stop so that you can catch your breath, you look at
the clock and see that it is 11:30 Saturday morning. Your roomate is not
due back until late Sunday. His cock has been hard in your hands for nearly
40 minutes.

You tell him he has done a good job on the first payment and then
reach under the bed. Your hand encounters a collar of Rex’s and his leash.
You put the collar on Dave’s neck, and tell him that you are pleased with him
and that you plan to continue his training. You then untie his left foot
from the bed and tie it to his right foot so that he can take steps of about
1 ft. Untying his right foot you get him up. His hands remain tied behind
his back.

You take him to the bathroom on the leash, and actually give him a touch
of privacy. Then you take him down to te kitchen and make him breakfast,
feeding him by hand. You take him to the living room and tie the end of
the leash to the bottom of the railing on the stairs while you go to put
something else on.

You warn him that you’ll have to punish him if he acts up. You are up in
your room when you hear the front door open. You race down the stairs
wearing only a fairly long shirt when you hear your friend Lisa’s

Lisa asks you what is going on, and blushing slightly, you fill her in
on what has happened. She sooks at dave, nude, tied, and on a leash and asks
you if you need some help. You grin and tell her yes.

You take Dave into the back yard. You have sunbathed in the nude here
before because of the high wooden walls, and now have something else
planned. You have Dave sit down on one of the lounges and you and Lisa go
over his body the way that you imagine Jack Nicholson would talk about an
exotic dancer in a sleazy movie. Both of your hands end up going over his
shaft a lot, as you discuss his good and bad points. Lisa asks you about
his being shaved. You giggle and just say it appealed to you at the time.
You tell her that he is fairly good with his tongue.

Lisa wants to find out how good. You arrange Dave over your lap as if
he were a naughty child, trapping his prick between your strong thighs, as
Lisa takes off her blue jeans and puts her pussy under his mouth. You tell
Dave to do a good job, and begin to lightly spank his ass as he licks Lisa’s
steamy cunt.

As Dave licks her you tell him that this is his second payment and begin
really spanking him in ernest. With solid, hard slaps, about every second
you punctuate yis lapping at Lisa.

When you feel him trying to rub his prick against your thighs, you stop
and grip his balls, just to remind him who’s boss. Dave has more trouble
concentrating this time. You keep him frustrated by grabbing his balls
everytime he begins to get a rhythm with his cock on your thighs, and swat
his reddening ass as he licks Lisa. LIsa grabs his head and tries to get
him into the groove, but he cant ignore your discipline.

Finally Lisa says, “I’m so horny, I can’t stand this. Turn him over
on his back.” The two of you turn him over and Lisa climbs on his cock, forcing
it up her hungry cunt, demanding that he fuck her, though she seems to be doing
most of the work. The sight reminds you that you haven’t gotten his cock
in you yet, and your fingers are a poor substitute.

Climbing onto your knees, you lower your dripping cunt over his face,
and demand that he eat you. His tongue is more efficent now and you begin to
come almost immediatly. As you do, you find yourself leaning against Lisa
who first hugs you (as she continues to hump Dave’s captive cock) and then
kisses you.

With Dave’s tongue going back and forth over yor clit, you are
comming nearly all the time, and after a second or two open your mouth and put
your tongue into her mouth. A few seconds later it is all an orgasmic haze,
her tongue, Dave licking you, her hands on your breasts, teasing your hardened

You hear Dave moan from under your thighs and know after all the
discipline of the morning he has finally gotten his rocks off. Your hands
seek out Lisa’s breasts, cupping them as your desire peaks. Seconds
later the three of you are lying on the grass in each other’s arms.

You look at Lisa as you regain control, unsure of what has just
happened. Lisa returns your gaze, and reaches over to your well-licked pussy
and puts her hand on it. She begins to rub it back and forth over your
clit, Pulling off her shirt with her other hand. When she is nude, she takes
off your clothing, never for a moment stopping the action on your clit.
She gently moves her face down to it and begins to lick, her hands softly going
to your breasts.

Out of the corner of your eye you see poor Dave, still tied hand and
foot, unable to take his eyes off of the two of you. Lisa licks you into a
warm haze. She goes between your legs, looking up at you through the
valley of your breasts. She begins by parting your love lips and first
licking all of your available juices, and then as she sees you looking down
at her, she grins and puts her tongue deep inside you.

You gently put your hands on the sides of Lisa’s head, urging her on
with subtle movements. Her hands slide up your body, stopping at your
nipples. For several minutes she plays with your hard nipples and cleans out
your ever wet cunt. She has either done this before or has a wonderful knack
for it.

Dave, lying on his back has his erection back, but is having
trouble getting up. You realize you have found a new form of torture; Seeing
two naked women have sex less than 2 feet away and not being able to do
anything about it.

One of Lisa’s hands leaves your breasts, and goes into your gaping hole,
probing you firmly. You moan as another orgasm begins. Before you are
finished comming the hand leaves your cunt and goes into your nether regions.
You would normally have objected, but entering as you are in the throws of
orgasm, you only moan louder as the feeling intensifies.

Lisa continues to lick you as her other hand takes on a fucking
motion. You feel as if you are being made love to and eaten at the same
time, Your hands on Lisa’s head press her down with greater urgency.

Lisa continues the action at your crotch, but swings her pussy over
to your face. Slowly she lowers it and you begin to lick it, imitating her
actions. You are gratified to hear her moan in reaction to your tongue.

You taste not only Lisa’s juices, but, you realize Dave’s as well. The
two together makes it seem even more forbidden, making you feel just a bit
more naughty. “Please, untie me. I can’t stand this much longer.” Dave
beggs next to you. Lisa looks up from your slit, and says, “We cant have
that, can we Kitten?” Lisa leaves her finger in your ass, but puts her thumb
in your other hole, slowly continuing the motion. Her Other hand goes to
Dave’s hard on. She refuses to grab it, but instead runs her fingers over
it’s length, making only the lightest of contact with the head.

Dave begs her to untie him, or to do something for his prick. He’s
so horny he can hardly talk. Lisa puts her mouth near the head and breathes
on the head. Lisa laughs, an amused sound that would be perfectly proper in
an office, but is doubly obscene in this context.

You decide that you arn’t through with Lisa and reach for her hips.
You turn her over on her back, moaning for a second as her hand slips from
your dripping crotch. Just enjoy the sensation. Licking for all you’re
worth, you try to bring her to orgasm as quickly as possible. Dave’s
anguished cry is off to your left. You ignore him. When Lisa’s hands begin
shoving your face down onto her crotch, you know you’ve gotten to her. You
use the whole length of your tongue on her clit, pressing down heavily on
each and every pass. Her thighs join her hands, trapping your face in her
warm, musky wetness. Her convulsive movements threaten to dislidge you, so
you wrap your arms around her thighs, meeting at the top of her pubic hair,
and continue licking, trying to drive her mad, making her pay for interupting
your little game.

You make a point of waiting until she is in the throws of a
particularly violent orgasm, and then biting her clit to intensify the
sensation. She falls back, nearly unconsious with the intensity of the orgasm.

You roll her over, getting her onto her hands and knees. She
complies without realizing what is happening. You get her to lay across
your lap as you sit on one of the lounges. She is relieved to be able to lay
flat for a moment.

Your first swat on her ass brings her to her senses. The next 4 only
intensify the burning on her ass. “Next time, Lisa, Knock before you come
in!” You have trapped her flailing legs with one of your own. Slap, slap,
slap. “And who told you you could shove anything up my ass?” You have her
clit covered by your other hand, which goes around her waist, neatly
holding her wiggling ass in place.

You continue to spank her, until your eyes come to rest on the lawn

You continue to stroke her clit as you paddle her ass, making her
orgasms incredibly intense. You pause a moment to pick up the dog wistle
from the table. You blow it and seconds later Rex is in the yard. You
force Lisa to move her legs apart by a combination of force and increased
stroking of her clit.

You call Rex and tell Lisa that you are going to let Rex lick her out.
“And you’re just going to hold me here and make me take it?”

Your only answer is to slap her ass a few more times. You signal
Dave to get on his knees at her widely spread cunt and show him that you want
him to lick her. Dave complies eagerly, using only his tongue. “Oh no! I
can’t believe that you’re making me do this!” Lisa cries out, “Oh … oh,
I’m comming, I’m comming from your damn dog.” Dave can’t stand it any longer
and pushes his face against her dripping pussy, licking up all of her essence.

Lisa’s exclamation of surprize shows you that your trick has
worked. You decide it is their turn to amuse you and you ponder which one of
them should appease your steaming pussy. You decide that they should have to
work together. You tell her to lick your cunt and know that she will obey.

Seconds later her face is buried in your bush as she tries to please
you. You grab Dave and pull his face to yours as your tongue searches out
his. The sensation of having your Pussy eaten as you tongue kiss someone is
strangey pleasing.

You are sitting in the midday sun, on a padded lounge, your feet
wiggling in the grass as your best friend licks out your cunt and Dave tries
to tongue wrestle you. Dave’s bonds are the only thing any of you are

After a moment you force Dave’s mouth down onto your erect
nipples, not asking him to do what you want, simply demanding it with
gestures. The sense of power you get from this intensifies all the
sensations you get from the two of them.

As you reach your first orgasm, your thighs grip the sides of Lisa’s
head. Dave bites gently on your nipples to increase your pleasure, not
daring to bite hard enough to be uncomfortable.

You decide that you’ve had enough of being licked and want to feel
something insie of you. Your hands reach behind Dave and in seconds his
hands are free.

You command Lisa, “Get up here and suck on my nipples!” and again you
are obeyed.

Your widely spread legs are the only invitation Dave should need, but he
waits until you gesture for him to mount you. He is in you in a single lunge.

As Dave’s cock fills your cunt, you realize how horny you have been
as you forced Lisa and Dave to perform. Knowing that Lisa is the one working
on your breasts makes the situation sweeter, as you rock your pelvis back and
forth on his cock.

Lisa brings her hands up to your breasts where they begin fondling the
undersides and moves her mouth to your left ear. Her tongue enters and
continues to drive you wild.

Dave has been in you less than a minute, but you feel yourself
comming and you cry out loud enough that Lisa begins to wonder how
tolerant your neighbors really are.

She covers your mouth with her own and her tongue darts into yours.
Her roaming hands are all over your breasts, touching nearly all of them, all
of them except the nipples. You are vaguely aware of this and twist your torso
trying to force contact, but she continues to tease you.

Lisa breaks her soul kiss, “Turn her over!”, and when Dave does not
obey right away, swats his ass three times and says, “I told you to turn her

Dave slips out of your hungry pussy, and grabbing your hips, turns you
over onto your hands and knees. Lisa tells him to get back to work and he
begins to put it back into you, from behind this time.

Lisa releases one breast in order to play with your clit with her hand,
her strokes matching Dave’s. The two of them together bring you to a powerful

You want to lay down, but Lisa forces you to remain impaled on Dave’s
prick. Lisa continues to force you to stay up on your hands and knees by
nearly holding you up by your clit.

Dave is still hard, on his knees behind you, his swollen prick
enveloped by your cunt. He moves his hands onto your breasts and begins
to stroke them while his prick remains still.

Lisa continues to stimulate your clit. After a short while you feel
your hips involuntarily begin pumping to get more out of Dave’s prick. Lisa
turns to Dave and tells him in a way that allows no argument, “Now pull it
out! I want her to have it up the ass.”

You are held by the two of them as you feel his cock slip from your
hungry cunt. Never for a moment does Lisa slow her fingers action on your
clit. You thrust your hips back to retain possession of his cock. All
that has really dawned on you is that she told him to pull out, AND HE’S Doing

Dave’s hands are on your hips. You keep your hips back as if
searching for what you lost. Lisa takes her other hand and guides his cock
back. You feel grateful for a second, until you realize that she’s not putting
it in right.

Then you realize what she said! You try to pull your hips
foreward, but dave has them in his grip and Lisa still has one hand on your
clit, pressing you back.

The sensation of Lisa rubbing your clit as Dave puts his hard-on into
your ass is unbelievably intense. Lisa continues to stimulate you with great
abandon until Dave is all the way in. Then Dave begins to thrust into your
ass, Fucking you with long, slow strokes.

Dave’s hand replaces Lisa’s as she slips away from you. She lowers
her dripping cunt in front of your face and as she grabbs your hair with both
hands demands, “Eat me!”

Daves prick continues to slip in and out of your ass. His hold on your
hips (and on your clit) holds you in place. Lisa’s demand that you eat her
hangs in the air.

You are in the throws of a continual orgasm and are barely aware that
she has spoken. You stay on your hands and knees as Dave pounds into you.
Lisa tires of waiting for you to respond and grips the sides of your head,
pulling your gasping mouth down onto her sex. Again she commands, “Eat me!”
This time you comply.

Your tongue slides into her dripping slit. You react to her taste by
concentrating on the job of pleasing her instead of taking the intense
sensation Dave is giving you.

She talks most of the time, praising or belittling you as you please
or displease her with your technique. When she feels you are not licking
hard enough, she forces your face against her with her hands.

Lisa has taken charge of her own pleasure, using you as she might use a
vibrator, or other inanimate pleasure device. The feeling intensifies
your feeling about the eroticism of the situation. You realize you have no
choice at either end.

Lisa and Dave come within seconds of each other, allowing you to fall
onto the lounge where you either pass out or fall asleep from exhaustion.

As you sleep, you are vaguely aware of the sounds of a couple making
love next to you, but you are too tired to waken. You next feel a strange
massaging sensation on your crotch. You try to get up, but find that your
hands have been tied to the top of the lounge.You try to sit up, but can’t
quite manage it.
“Don’t move, Kitten.” Dave’s voice comes to you.
“We do want to be careful, Kitten!” Lisa’s voice chimes in.

You look and see that there is a mound of shaving cream on your pubic
hair, and Lisa is holding your Razor. “After all, Kitten, Fair is fair.”
Lisa’s voice continues as she and Dave finish shaving you.

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