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Overcome the pain

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

“Fucking hell!” I thought, “She’s the kinkiest piece of ass I’ve
ever met!” Unzipping fast I undid my trousers and pushed them and my
shorts down to my knees together. My cock was already rock hard and
instead of bothering with the usual niceties I jammed it roughly against
her battered cunt, making her scream in pain. By the sound of her scream
I must’ve really caused some good damage to her crotch yet couldn’t care
less as I forced the swollen flesh to part enabling me to sink inside
her and push my cock all the way up to the root. Amazingly she seemed
to overcome the pain and was now trying to pull her nipples off, twisting them and jerking upwards with both her hands. I got angrier still.

Kimberly Kane on Top, fucks up eager slaveboy

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

To prepare for her first time ever dominating a man, Kimberly has been studying. It's clear she is an apt pupil when she tears into Wolf with full on, unapologetic sadism and raw sex appeal. She is irresistible, telling him, 'I'm the prettiest bitch here. You're my bitch, and I'm going to make you ugly, so no one will ever want you, and you'll stay with me forever...'

She ties his ass up and makes him tell her how hot she is, what he would do to her if he could move a muscle. Lucky boy gets to fuck her if he can do a good job and get her off as she slaps the SHIT out of his pretty face... 'This is a fucking pretty cock and it's all mine, forever, now give me my fucking come.'

Dominatrice in sexy lingery

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

“Get up, slave!” She ordered. I stood up unsteadily and
she pushed me toward the closet. We have a walk-in closet in our
bedroom with a mirror on the door. I hobbled toward the closet
as quickly as the bonds on my ankles would permit. She opened
the door and inside was a chair which she motioned for me to sit
in. Once I was seated, she securely tied me to the chair with
rope. She reached down and seized my rock-hard cock in her hand
and said, “Don’t make a sound until I return. Do you understand?”
I nodded my head. She walked out of the closet and closed the
door behind her. I was left sitting in the darkness of the closet
with a raging hard-on, not knowing what was next.
I sat in darkness for at least a half-hour before I heard
anything outside the closet. I heard the bedroom light switch
click and when the lights in the bedroom came on I was startled
by the fact that I could see into the bedroom from within the
closet. My wife had installed a one-way mirror on the closet
door in place of the mirror that had been there. I could see the
entire bed from where I was sitting and nobody could see me. I
about died when my wife entered the bedroom followed by a young
man I had never seen before. She was still wearing the lingerie
she had on earlier, but he was completely naked. He looked to be
in his early twenties and was probably a local college student.
He had his hands all over her as he followed her onto the bed.

Dominant Wife

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

It was almost time for Stephanie to get home and Joe was getting warm
with excitement at the thought. He was finishing the vaccuuming, the
last of the housework that she had told him to do that day. Nothing
thrilled him more than playing servant to the tall, imperious girl he
had married. She was so beautiful and he loved her so much – that
kneeling in submission before her was the supreme pleasure in his life.
He had a hard-on in his tight pants, beneath the frilly white apron
that covered them, truly a slave of love to that girl.

He heard the front door open and a tingle of titilation went through
him. Then she stepped into the living room : a gorgeous creature with
long dark hair. She stood with hands on hips, watching him finish his
tasks, clad in the white silk blouse and neat black skirt she had worn
that day to the office where she was a rising young executive. She had
a look of disapproval on her face as she stepped across the freshly
vaccuumed carpet and dropped into an easy-chair. (more…)

Male Slave

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

N–no,” I said, and started cleaning up the mess. When I
was finished, I went upstairs, where she made me sleep at the
foot of her bed, under her heel where, as she had said earlier, I
belonged. For the entire next week, as further punishment for my
attempted rebellion, she forced me to satisfy her with oral sex,
permitting me absolutely no sexual pleasure or satisfaction whatsoever. When she finally did relent and take me to bed with her,
however, she gave me orgasm after orgasm at heights I had never
before experienced, even at her hands, and by the time she had
finished all I wanted was to please her and to be taken into her
body and become a part of her.
We have lived together ever since. Contrary to what she
said that night, she has never tired of me, at least not yet.
And I am content to be the male love toy of my beautiful, Amazonian mistress.

Lesbian Dominatrix Sex Story

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Before I start I should probably explain a few things about
Alex and myself. We have been lovers for several years now and
while we regularly tie and torment each other, I view myself as
being submissive and masochistic and Alex as dominant and sadis-
tic (oh how she can be sadistic!) Fortunately this works out
quite well for us :-) . In devising torments for Alex it is quite
rare that I actually manage to out do things she has previously
done to me mainly because I’m not much into inflicting pain on
her and I think she knows this and uses it to her advantage. (more…)

Wired Pussy Gallery 1

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

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DFuture Post Id12345

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

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asdTest of Pinging

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Test of ping for technorati. bdsm style post ;)