Gorgeous mistress does a slave

Her pain-filled eyes met mine. “I’m com-plete-ly un-pro-tected!
HON-EST-LY! She moaned as I thumped her again in the stomach. “Just do
it!….Cum off and shoot everything inside me!….I swear to God I’m not
on any pill or anything!….Just spunk it right up me! I hit her again
and could see the pain in her eyes as she pleaded with me. Please don’t
kill me! I swear to God I’m not us-ing any kind of birth con-trol!…I
prom-ise its the truth!” I stared straight into her eyes and shoved my
cock in hard up against her cervix, then thumped the more bruised one of
her tits, causing her to squeal in pain. I didn’t want her looking at
me, so I back-handed her face until her head lay on its side and her
eyes stayed closed. She was dazed and moaning, and rambled through her
bloodied mouth as I bashed my cockhead against her womb. “Spunk me…
no pill …promise…cum in me…don’t care…fuck…don’t care…baby

Overcome the pain

“Fucking hell!” I thought, “She’s the kinkiest piece of ass I’ve
ever met!” Unzipping fast I undid my trousers and pushed them and my
shorts down to my knees together. My cock was already rock hard and
instead of bothering with the usual niceties I jammed it roughly against
her battered cunt, [...]

Only the start

“Whatever turns you on!” I thought to myself, and hit her on her
chin causing her head to momentarily bob backwards.
“Harder!” She said, sounding quite exasperated now, “Come on,
don’t be frightened, I want you to do it!”
“Alright,” I [...]

Male Slave

N–no,” I said, and started cleaning up the mess. When I
was finished, I went upstairs, where she made me sleep at the
foot of her bed, under her heel where, as she had said earlier, I
belonged. For the entire next week, as further punishment for my
attempted rebellion, she forced me to satisfy her [...]

Fondling Bondage Ties

“Well,” she said, “you’re going to whether you want to or
not. It’s called ‘My Little Instant Erection’. Here’s how it
When I tickle him he laughs.

Exhaustion In Bondage

That was the beginning. Every Friday night after that she
would be waiting for me after work in her convertible to take me
home with her. A couple of times I tried to resist, but she
simply reached out to take my wrist in a bonecrushing grip and
force me into the car. At her [...]

Man In Bondage

Seeing my eyes open, she
chuckled and leaned down to kiss me lightly on the tip of my
nose. “Welcome back, baby,” she said. “I was beginning to think
you’d never come around.”
“How–how did I get here?” I blurted.
She laughed. “Why, I carried you up [...]

Gorgeous Amazon Sex Story

I first met Bonnie two years ago in a health club to which
we both belonged, and I was immediately struck by her strength,
beauty and femininity. An inch taller than my own 5′9″ and with
a powerful, muscular, yet shapely body that outweighed my own by
a good ten pounds, I was [...]

Femdom Erotic Wrestling

Archive-name: Amazon/pit1.txt
Archive-title: Pit Fighters – 1
The benches around the pit were starting to fill up with men and
women eager to watch as two fighters battled it out to the
death. Trask, the pit master, took the list of fighters for the
evening from his assistant and looked it over. It contained
five names, not even enough [...]

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Medical Fetish Story

123 This story is about a loneley man who lived in Ontario. He move out when he was 40.
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amazon female domination

amazon female domination
The heroine's head wrenched in the opposite direction as the powerful blow hit her. Saliva spewed from her mouth as she fell to her knees, her incredible body tilting to the side, her head hanging low over her breasts, her eyes half-open. Her hands dangled at her sides as she reeled, looking as if she were about to fall to the floor. The green simulacrum reached out, filling one fist with Wonder Woman's silky dark hair. Without any sign of strain, she lifted the dazed amazon completely off the ground like a trophy, the heroine's red boots hanging inched off the floor. As Wonder Woman slowly regained her senses, her green clone wrapped her arms around the amazon princess, locking her fists in the small of the heroine's back. "Auggh!!" the trapped amazon cried out in pain as her green twin squeezed. Wonder Woman arched backwards, tossing her head in pain, as her legs straddled the waist of her captor. Wonder Woman slowly raised her hands, pushing at the emerald amazon's face. Slowly, Wonder Woman's superior strength began to push her nemesis' face back, weakening the grip on the heroine.