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Vicious bastard

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

“Oh, Yeah!” She shouted, “Now FUCK ME hard you vicious bastard, I
want to feel I’ve been really fucked after this. Go on stick it in, dig
it in deep, try and give me a good fucking, you spineless bastard!” Her
insult immediately brought another swift punch smashing into her exposed
cunt. “Yeooooaarrgghh!” She yelped, “You’re working…me over… so
good! Go on now….do it! Fuck me…ouowgh…hard! Hurt me some…more!
I don’t…ooowhhh…fucking care! Do…any..thing! Gimme-a…baby! Gimme
some…good…oowwgh…fucking diseases!” She was trying to gather her
breath to shout. “I…DON’T GIVE…A FUCKING SHIT! Be a…MAN…just..
get into…my hole and…aaarrgh…FUCK IT INTO ME!!”

Men In Pain Porn Gallery

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Check out the male bondage sex gallery to find a couple of female domination movies and pictures of male bondage for those who think that slaves need punishment

Jungle Girls Reviews

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Jungle Girls

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The best farm fetish site. The only thing that remains strange for me is its name. Why the hell “jungle”? I ve never heard about a cow taking its walk in jungles. And the cowboy hats on girls’ heads have nothing to do with jungles in my understanding of this notion. As my friend said those babes got tired of working on the farm and ran away to jungles…long after the pics were made :)


Give Me Pink Reviews

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Give Me Pink

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: Give Me Pink Site Reviews

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Wow dudes, what a horny site!
We all know that girls do masturbate and shove dildos into their wet pussies. But they do it when we are away and cannot see them.
At this site my most parverted dream came true – I watched girls masturbating and they were (I think) happy I was watching.
I m going there once again right now and wont write any more…


Margo Sex Test 32

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

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Medical Fetish Story

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Fetish Hospital Approved and tested for completly perverts.
This story is about a loneley man who lived in Ontario. He move out when he was 40.
Ok, what we can teel you about him? He was sexy male and like gyno exams. He like to peep on his neighbor girl when she had visited her gyn.
He liked and enjoyed very much by her sexy spreaded legs…and so on…

Teachers Daughter

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Ask any teacher what the worst day is, and surprisingly few will remember the first day of work. The rumble in their tummy as they stand before a blackboard for the very first time, alone and without a supervisor seems to fade for them. It has never faded away for me, and I recall it vividly.
In my case it was even worse than average. I had come back to my hometown after graduating college; disappointing my parents who had expected me to move out and be a big success “away” somewhere. I explained that I’d come home to “give something back to the community”, but it was complete balderdash. What I was really doing was burying myself in my work, trying to avoid admitting something that no-one else knew.
In college I had become Mistress to a lithe blond tart named Jacqueline “Tennisball” Turner. In some way, we’d been very much in love. I’d revelled in every whipping or spanking I gave her. She gloried in the loving abuse I heaped on her. But eventually I’d convinced myself that this wasn’t what I wanted.
I was a “normal” woman, with normal desires. I wanted a husband and kids and. . . .And I wanted Tennie, or piggy, as I’d sometimes called her, crawling to lick a pair of black leather boots with four-inch heels that clung so tightly to my legs that my slave often had to yank them off me while I broke the suction with a shoehorn. I wanted her head bobbing vigorously between my thighs as the little electric shocks of pleasure shot from my clitoris. I wanted to hang her from the ceiling beam of my little house and beat her ass raw for breaking dishes, to set her impossible tasks and punish her for failing at them.
But I wanted other things too: the touch of her breath on my neck when I let her sleep in my bed; the soft look in her eyes when she knelt at the foot of that bed with my morning coffee; the contented hum of her when all the happy violence was over, the sweat and sometimes tears dried, and she cuddled into my arms during decompression.
And I wanted all of this while leading a June-Cleaver-with-a-career existence? It was too much, and I knew it. But while I sorted all this out I still had rent to pay, first to my parents, then to a landlord, and finally to a mortgage company. I found a job at a high school in town (not the Catholic school I’d attended, but a newer secular school called Park West Secondary).
On the first day of classes, I was way too early. Only the school custodian was in the hall as I entered the Old Building (the one built in 1976 was the New Building) and made my way to room 108 West. The classroom was empty, and I unlocked the door but left the light off. Instead I went to the door at the back of the class. In other days it would have been a storage space. The teacher I had replaced, one Mr. Carruthers, had been in the habit of smoking a pipe quietly in there while grading papers, and the room had that lovely “gentleman’s club” smell of old leather armchair, shoe polish, and pipe tobacco. It’s a smell I’ve always associated with luxury.
There was a little narrow window facing the soccer field, and long shelves of dusty textbooks along the wall with the door in. I put my necessary things into the desk and cupboards, my clipboard, a pack of marking pens, chalk (any teacher will tell you, you bring your own and hoard your supply), and my coffee mug.
My coffee mug.