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Little pain loving slut

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

I like picking up different girls and screwing them the first
night. Mostly all it takes to get ‘em open-legged and ’sans panties’ is
a bit of alcohol, other times they might need some bullshit lies and a
dose of verbal reassurance before they’ll spin on my cock. I never give
a shit about precautions, and with the amount of spunk I shove into ‘em
I guess I must’ve spawned one or two along the way. Over the years I
must’ve screwed hundreds of different girls, mainly from casual pick-ups
in discos or at parties, and I’d always been able to judge the right
moves to open ‘em up. Always, that is, until I happened to meet one
particular girl on a city disco floor.

She was quite small, around five feet two inchs in her stockings
and very petite, with breasts that were only slightly larger than average for her size. I’d danced with her for the final half-hour but she
remained very cool, even during the smoochy numbers. So, although she’d
accepted my offer of a lift home, I was anticipating one or two minor
problems when it came to talking her out of her knickers. Little did I
realise what a complete surprise she would soon turn out to be.

When I took her home I discovered she lived alone in a small house
left to her by her grandparents, and was somewhat surprised when she
invited me inside for coffee. After making me a cup of coffee she disappeared upstairs, but my mouth dropped open when she came back down ten
minutes later wearing a flimsy bra-less lace-up camisole with no crotch
and hold up stockings. Blessing my luck, I started to smile as she
moved closer. She boldly walked over to the sofa, but I almost dropped
my cup when she spoke.

“Hit me!” She lifted her chin slightly as if to invite a blow. I
treated it like a playful joke at first and tapped her lightly on her

“Don’t be such a fucking wimp!” There was disgust in her voice and
I was riled immediately. I glared at her but she met my stare head on.
“Hit me I said!” She sounded frustrated, “Hard, with your fist, like
this!” And she held up a clenched fist as an example.

Husband In Bondage

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

My wife, Diana, and I are swingers and as such we have quite
a lot of sexual adventures. We both love threesomes as well as
swinging with other couples. Linda, one of my wife’s friends has
fucked me many times and I love to screw her any time she comes
over to visit. She is a sexual powerhouse with beautiful breasts
and a smooth firm ass that is near perfection.
One day, late in the afternoon, I had just taken a shower
and had lain down to take a short nap, as we had planned (or so I
thought) to go out and party that night. When I awoke I found
myself tied, with neckties to the bed. Diana was smiling at me
and then I saw Linda looking at me as well! I said, “I hope you
girls aren’t planning anything painful for me”. Linda winked at
Diana and coyly whispered “Not as long as you’re a good little
boy and do everything we tell you”. I was a little astonished to
find myself in this position but decided to go along with it as I
had very little choice anyway. (more…)

Shame and red cheeks

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Beet red, I tried to spin away from her. “Bonnie,
please…” But her hand slid around my hips and forced itself
between my thighs to firmly encase my crotch and again lift me an
inch or two off the floor. And this time her voice had an edge
to it. “Tell Jeannie what you are to me,” she said again. “And
don’t make me tell you a third time.”
My voice quivering with embarrassment, I said quietly, “I’m
your playtoy.”
“My LITTLE playtoy. Right?”
I nodded, looking at the floor. “Yes. Your little playtoy.”
Bonnie chuckled and turned to face her friend. “See? Even
he knows what he is. And he loves every minute of it. Don’t
you, Baby Buns.”
Redfaced with shame, I nodded humbly.

Fondling Bondage Ties

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

“Well,” she said, “you’re going to whether you want to or
not. It’s called ‘My Little Instant Erection’. Here’s how it
When I tickle him he laughs.
When I spank him he cries.
When I squeeze him he screams.
When I fondle him he sighs.
He’s my personal playtoy
With an instant erection;
A snap of my fingers
And he’s ready for action.”

She slid one hand down under my buttocks and lifted me several
inches off the floor to plant a kiss on the end of my nose.
“Isn’t that right, Baby Buns? Tell my friend Jeannie what you
are to me.”

Eager To Be Bondaged

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Yet, after each of these
sessions when she had me in bed raping me, she gave me such
intense ecstacy that I found myself more and more willing to
endure the pain and humiliation which preceded her lovemaking.
There was one aspect of our relationship, however, that I
could not endure. That was the way she treated me in public. In
every way she made it clear to anyone watching us that, in
addition to towering over me, she was the stronger and dominant
partner. She would always walk ahead of me with long strides,
forcing me to trot to keep up with her. She would open doors for
me and order for me in restaurants. On the dancefloor, she would
lead, with her right arm firmly around my waist bending me
backward and molding my body to hers as we danced, my eyes about
level with her throat. Worst of all, she thought nothing of
fondling me in public, squeezing my buttocks or tickling the
inside of my thighs, or running her hands up and down my body
sensuously to stimulate an erection.

Bondage Femdom

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

She would make me spend Saturdays
helping her clean her apartment, and Saturday nights she would
take me out, either to dinner or to a movie before taking me to
my apartment, tossing me into my bed and raping me a couple more
times for good measure, leaving me Sunday to recover from my
ordeal. To make matters worse, after several weeks she started
taking me out with her friends, to whom she would brag about how
easily she could beat me up and rape me at will, paying no
attention to how embarrassing her boasts were to me. After a
while, her friends made no secret of their contempt for me,
referring to me as “Bonnie’s battered boyfriend” or “Bonnie’s
love toy.”

Sensual Bondage

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

I tried to cover up and
dodge her blows, but she seemed to anticipate my every move, and
the accuracy of her punches was phenomenal. In the next few
seconds she hit me thirty or forty times, and, although her
punches weren’t hard, my head was reeling from their cumulative
effect. Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, her onslaught
stopped, and she stood watching me, a smile decorating her lovely
face as I swayed back and forth in front of her. “Nighty night,
lover,” she said softly. “No more lovetaps. I’m going to put
your lights out with one punch.” Alarmed, I started to back
away, but her body became a blur of motion, and then something
slammed into my jaw with the force of a sledgehammer, spun me
almost completely around and tumbled me backward into oblivion.
When I came to I was lying naked in her bed, and she was
lying on her side next to me looking down at me and running one
hand lightly up and down my body.

Cruel Feminist

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

I have always been into feminism. Being a feminist does not
mean that I am quite as radical as the other women in the
movement. But I do have one radical purpose in life, and that is
to make men my sex slaves.
It’s not that I hate men. On the contrary, I don’t think
that I could live without them. But on the other hand, I live
for the opportunity to have them serve me as their mistress. I
haven’t had any trouble finding males to do my bidding. I’ve got
a stable of four male slaves right now. They are only too happy
to come to me on their knees and do everything that I command of
them. (more…)

Bitchy Dominatress

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

You went to the college mixer without expecting a lot. You knew that
your roommate was away for the weekend, but as you didn’t have a date set up,
you figured on a lonely weekend.

Then Dave came up and introduced himself to you. He was very
hansome, in a sort of Steve Guttenberg way, Curly Black hair, good
muscles, and his tight jeans gave you a good view of his ass. After asking
you to dance he begins coming on strong. You decide, What the hell, and
mention that you have your apartment to yourself for the weekend. Even
the Family that lives downstairs in the house is away visiting relatives. (more…)

Men In Pain

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006

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Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

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Friday, June 9th, 2006

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Future Margo Sex 2

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

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