Cooking For Mistress

It is a long drive home, even longer because I take my time. I
can’t go into my apartment until my roomates have gone to bed.
While I realize that I am being punished, I have no desire to
explain my condition to my brother or to confront his girlfriend “au-

Lesson One has been learned the hard way. “Restrain yourself
in the presence of your Mistress”. If you had wanted me to pleasure
you I would have been told to do so. I overstepped my bounds, and
will work to control myself in the future.

The collar around my neck feels strangely comfortable. I am
pleased that you thought I have served someone before. Truth is you
are the first woman I have let fully dominate me. I could easily
pick the lock and free myself from its constraint, but I do not want
to. For some reason that I have yet to fathom, I do not want to
breach your trust. I have so much to learn about pleasing a woman
and I know that you will teach me well.

I have trouble sleeping. My cock aches for relief, and as much
as I feel like masturbating I don’t. I remember back to one of the
earliest messages I recieved from you on the board. It is no longer
my cock it is yours. Somehow I feel relieving myself will be
breaching your trust. I am confused as to why that is so important
to me. When sleep finally overtakes me, I find myself reliving the
events of the day.

It is Saturday morning and my sleep is broken by a phone call
from you. I am to be at your house at 5pm sharp, not sooner, not
later. I am to clean the house, do the laundry that is in the
basket and be prepared to show you what redeeming domestic value I

I clean up and get to the task at hand. At 5pm sharp, I arrive
at your house with my bag of goodies. As soon as I enter I remove
my clothes and hang them in the closet. I put on the apron I
purchased to protect myself as I do my chores, and hope that you
will not disapprove of it.

I start dinner before setting to clean the house. The basket
of clothing that I was told to launder turns out to be all panties
and lingerie. I do not dare risk washing them in the machine, so I
set to the task of hand washing them all. I hang them in the
bathroom and pray that they will be dry before you return home. I
have no doubts that panties drying in the shower will be

I set the table for one. Tonight you will dine by
candlelight. I have prepared a simple dinner, french onion soup au
gratin, a small salad, fresh bread, white wine and for desert
chocolate ice cream and cappocino, but hope you will approve. In
front of your place setting there is a single red rose, in a bud
vase. On the plate is a small gift wrapped box.

I am rather pleased with myself, until the front door opens and
I remember the lingerie hanging to dry. You call my name and I am
removing my apron as I come to you. I can tell that you are pleased
by what you see, but my face has given away that I have done
something wrong.

You pull me to you and kiss me on the cheek. “Perhaps, little
boy, I will keep you after all. Wait here while I see what you have

You return without saying a word about the bathroom. “You may
serve dinner, now.” I help you with the chair and you notice the
gift. Opening it you find a leather leash. You smile and reach out
to give my cock a gentle stroke, and I know that it is going to be a
long night.

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