Eager To Be Bondaged

Yet, after each of these
sessions when she had me in bed raping me, she gave me such
intense ecstacy that I found myself more and more willing to
endure the pain and humiliation which preceded her lovemaking.
There was one aspect of our relationship, however, that I
could not endure. That was the way she treated me in public. In
every way she made it clear to anyone watching us that, in
addition to towering over me, she was the stronger and dominant
partner. She would always walk ahead of me with long strides,
forcing me to trot to keep up with her. She would open doors for
me and order for me in restaurants. On the dancefloor, she would
lead, with her right arm firmly around my waist bending me
backward and molding my body to hers as we danced, my eyes about
level with her throat. Worst of all, she thought nothing of
fondling me in public, squeezing my buttocks or tickling the
inside of my thighs, or running her hands up and down my body
sensuously to stimulate an erection.

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