Female domination at college

The light had started to filter into Tom’s dorm room, turning the
interior of the room a bright orange color. He was still studying for his
mid-term exam in Biology and needed to get this work done, otherwise he
would not be able to pass this class. But as Tom worked on his memorization,
his mind began to wander. Would he be able to do anything tonight with his
girlfriend, Laura? Or would he be stuck here tonight studying while his
friends went to the pub and got totally blasted? Ultimately, he figured that
he would probably be here for the remainder of the night, staying up with his
notes rather than spending the night with Laura. He had just settled back to
study, when there was a knock on the door. He got up and shuffled across the
room to the door. When he opened the door, he could not believe what his eyes
were seeing! Laura was standing there in the doorway, wearing the tightest
leotard and spandex pants that she could fit on her curvaceous body. In an
instant, he knew where she was going dressed like that.

“Hi, Tom! Do you want to go to the gym and jog a little?”, she asked.
“Sorry, Laura…No can do. I have to study for my Bio exam!”, he said.

When Tom told her this, she looked disappointed but, that look was very
quickly replaced with a sly-looking grin. “Why don’t you let me help you with
your Bio? Come to my dorm room later tonight and we can study all you want…
WITHOUT books!”, she whispered softly. With an invitation like that, Tom had
made his mind up right there and then about the Bio exam! “OK, I’ll be there
at about 9:00! I hope that you’ll be ready?”, Tom answered. Laura said,”You
better be the ready one! I have some surprises in store for you!” With that,
she jogged down the hallway, her ass tightly enveloped in her spandex pants,
and disappeared around the corner.

The early evening hours came and went and pretty soon, the 9:00 hour
rolled around and Tom decided to depart on his adventure. When he arrived at
her dorm room, he noticed that the door was slightly open. He opened the door
and cautiously peered into the room. Laura’s room was a bit larger than Tom’s
room, but was still done in the simple concrete-block construction style, as
were all the dorms on campus. Laura shared her room with another girl, Karen
and between the two of them, the room looked pretty orderly. Tom walked in
and called out for Laura, hoping that she was in the bathroom. He walked in
and quickly noticed that the room was pitch-black except for a single lit
candle on the table. Next to the candle, there was a handwritten note. He
picked up the note and read it carefully:


Had to step out for a moment.
Make yourself comfortable.


After Tom read the note, he crumpled the note up and tossed it into
the trashcan. Being weary from studying for 4 hours, he decided to lay on her
bed and catch a quick nap. He sat on the edge of the bed and swung his legs
onto the bed and then laid back, resting his head on the pillows. However,
Tom didn’t nap comfortably because he felt something dig into his back. He
sat up and looked at what he had found. There were two sets of handcuffs in
his hand. The stainless steel shone queerly in the candlelight and the light
glinted off of them. While he was wondering about the cuffs, a shadow emerged
from the corner of the dimly lit room. It was Laura, she had been there all
this time! Just as Tom opened his mouth to ask about the cuffs, she abruptly
cut him off. “Stop! Don’t say another word until I tell you! You will follow
my every order! Do you understand me?!”, she snapped. Tom, definately being
surprised, had this very confused but grateful look on his face as he abided
to Laura’s command.

“I want you to undress yourself, NOW!”, she hollered.
“OK!”, Tom replied.
“NO! From now on, you will address me as Mistress! Do you
understand me, slave?!!”, she said sternly.
“Yes, Mistress!”, Tom answered sheepishly.

What Laura had in mind for Tom was beyond his comprehension, so he
just went with whatever she told him to do. After he had stripped down
completely, he stood there in front of her, looking quite helpless. Laura
realized that he knew she was serious in her intentions and she then took
the first step. “Put those handcuffs on and sit at the edge of the bed!”,
she said. Tom did exactly as he was told and assumed the position she had
told him. As she slowly walked towards him, he finally got a good look at
what she was wearing. She was wearing a pair of spandex pants, much like
the ones she used to jog in, except this pair had the ass and crotch cut out
of them exposing her soft mound of hair beneath and her spectacular ass from
the rear. She was not wearing any kind of a top, therefore her breasts were
completely exposed and the nipples were standing up like soldiers at attention.

She walked over to the bed and commanded him to lie back on the bed.
As he did this, she grabbed one of his wrists and pulled it behind him. He
felt the cuffs tighten and then heard them ratchet shut. When he tried to move
his hand, he could not do so. Quickly glancing backward, he realized what she
had done. About a foot above the bed, there were two heavy-duty eyebolts
screwed into the concrete wall behind the bed. She had taken the other end of
the handcuffs and attached them to the eyebolts, thereby making it impossible
for him to move his hands. As Tom lay helpless on the bed, Laura stood over
him and merely laughed at his predicament. “You are so patient and obedient!
I am going to reward you for being a good slave!”, she said cat-like. With
this, she climbed onto the bed and straddled his body. She could see that
his penis was already beginning to stir. She leaned forward just far enough
so that her breasts were directly in front of his face, but not within reach.
“I will let you lick my nipples…but if you do anything else, I will pull
away and punish you! Do you understand?”, she said. Tom eagerly agreed and
began to swirl her nipple around in his mouth, trying not to disobey her. As
he slowly began to get excited, he began to lightly clamp his teeth on her
nipple. As he did this, she suddenly smacked his face and screamed, “I told
you just to lick my nipples! Now you will be punished!!”

She rose and went to her desk in the other corner of the room, reached
in one of the drawers and pulled out a blindfold, a pair of her panties,
and a small leather bag. She went back to the bed and told him, “I will
make sure that you don’t disobey me again!” With this, she put the blindfold
over his eyes and shoved the panties into his mouth, to use as a gag. She
then opened the bag and took out a wooden clothespin. “If you make a sound,
I will punish you more!”, she said. She took the clothespin and clipped it to
of his balls. Tom felt as if someone had kicked him in the groin and left their
foot there! The pain shot through his body like nails, but he somehow managed
to keep himself from screaming aloud. Laura knew that she had him within her
control, so she said to him, “You will now lick my pussy, but not my clit…yet!
Will you obey, slave?” Tom, not being able to speak, nodded his response and
anxiously awaited her wet cunt.
Laura then took the saliva-soaked panties out of Tom’s mouth and threw
them aside. She then slowly lowered her cunt to his lips, where he hungrily
awaited. Finally, she could feel his tongue darting in and out of her, as
she began to writhe in pleasure. Tom, wanting to please his mistress, licked
her cunt until she came. As she came, she forced her hips downward upon Tom’s
eager tongue. Her body jerked and shuddered as if she had touched a live wire
and its electricity filled her body. As her juices flowed out of her, Tom
made a good attempt of tasting her orgasm. Soon after, she dismounted off of
Tom’s face and released him from his restraints. Tom, feeling very horny,
asked Laura how he had done.
“You have done good slave…now let me pleasure you!”, she said.

As she said this, she laid Tom on his back and grasped his erect member
and told him that she would return the favor. She kneeled over his penis and
slowly impaled herself upon it, feeling every inch fill her to ecstasy. Once
he was inside her, she rhythmically pumped his penis with the tight grip of
her pussy. Tom realized that he could not withstand much more and began to
moan. Laura sensed that he was near climax. Their breathing and moans grew
louder as they approached climax together. Tom reached climax and spew his
load into her cunt, just as she let forth her come, harder than ever before.

After they had expended each other, they lay in each other’s arms and
slept until morning. In the morning, Tom awoke and got ready to go to his
Biology exam. And while walking to the lecture hall, Tom realized that he
knew more about Biology than ever before.

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