Gorgeous Amazon Sex Story

I first met Bonnie two years ago in a health club to which
we both belonged, and I was immediately struck by her strength,
beauty and femininity. An inch taller than my own 5′9″ and with
a powerful, muscular, yet shapely body that outweighed my own by
a good ten pounds, I was fastinated at the way she could outlift
most of the men at the club and struck up a conversation with
her. When she invited me to come home with her I accepted
However, I soon discovered what she had in mind for me.
Quickly changing into sensuous black tights that revealed every
muscle and curve of her fantastic body, she challenged me to a
friendly wrestling match. Almost drooling at the prospect of
physical contact with this gorgeous Amazon, I readily agreed, and
before I realized it she had me downstairs on a wrestling mat in
her gameroom.

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