Hit her on her nipples

Not wanting to disappoint her again I took a step back before
swinging with most of my strength to smash my fist into her mouth. The
force of the blow sent her falling backwards, and as she landed on the
carpet I heard a sharp thud when her head hit the floor. My punch had
split her lip open and blood was running down the side of her face now.
I also noticed that her legs had swung open wide exposing a delicious
selection of goodies to play with, except that she was already playing
with them and furiously at that.

“Now thump me in the tits just as hard!” Her face was beginning to
swell up now and it sounded as though it was painful when she spoke.
But I was actually getting into the mood now so I got down and hit her
hard three or four times right on her nipples. Each time I punched her
she gasped with pain and her body bounced off the floor.

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