Only the start

“Whatever turns you on!” I thought to myself, and hit her on her
chin causing her head to momentarily bob backwards.

“Harder!” She said, sounding quite exasperated now, “Come on,
don’t be frightened, I want you to do it!”

“Alright,” I thought, “Don’t say you didn’t ask for it!” Screwing my fist into a tight ball I punched her squarely in her face, making
her stagger backwards and causing a trickle of blood to start running
out of her nose. At the time I thought that would shut her up so I
could get on with some serious fucking, but it was only the start!

“That’s better,” She smiled as she licked the blood off her upper
lip, “Now hit me really hard!” As she spoke the last words I noticed
her hand settled on her pubic mound and the middle finger explore between her thighs.

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