Sexual Bet

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she let me up, forced
me to sign my weekly paycheck over to her as payment for the bet
she had made me (I didn’t recall accepting her bet, but with my
left arm twisted up behind my back I really had no choice),
helped me to get dressed and guided me on unsteady feet to the
door. As I opened the door she suddenly put her arms around my
waist and pulled me forward, crushing me against her and bending
me backward in a french kiss that took my breath away. Then,
stooping slightly, she wrapped her arms around my hips and
straightened, lifting me several inches off the floor, and backed
me against the door, looking up at me with a smile decorating her
lovely face. “You were good tonight, baby,” she said softly.
“So I’ll pick you up after work next Friday and we can spend next
weekend having some more fun. Wouldn’t you like that?”
I gasped. “I–I don’t know…” I stammered.
She chuckled. “I do. I’ll pick you up next Friday.
Bodily, if necessary.” She set me down and, with a pat on my
backside, sent me on my way.

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