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My own blood was roaring through my veins now, creating a need inside to totally dominate this cheap little slut. "You fucking bitch whore! I screamed at her, "You'd better not be using any birth control or I'll break your scrawny fucking neck!" She remained silent so I thumped her again in the stomach. "Answer me you no-good fucking slut cow!" I demanded, jerking my cock hard inside her. "Nooo..." Was all she gurgled so I smacked her a good one in her damaged tits. "Whaddya mean 'no'!" I was shouting at her. "Are you on the pill?" She shook her head. "Dutch Cap? Coil? IUD? Sponge?" She kept on shaking her head. I hit her again. "Fucking bitch! Don't think you can fucking well fool me!" Another slow shake of the head. "I bet you're on some kind of lousy pill you fucking little cheat!" I thumped her again, hard. "Now tell me properly you fucking cow!" I roared. "Noooooooo!" She moaned. "There's nothing!" She stuttered through bloodied lips. "I promise you there's NOTHING!

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