Slave hit me

Bonnie put her hands on her hips, looking down at me.
“Well,” she said quietly, “since you’re being so agreeable, why
don’t you get down on your knees and show the girls the only way
I’ll let you kiss me.”
That was too much. My face burning with embarrassment, I
whispered, “Bonnie, no. Please.”
She laughed and, placing one hand on top of my head, forced
me to my knees in front of her. She stepped forward, straddling
my body with her powerful legs, and then pulled my head up under
her skirt to mash my face firmly into her womanhood. “Open your
mouth, Baby Buns, and show the girls how you give your mistress
I had no choice. My nose was buried between her legs, and I
couldn’t breathe. As I opened my mouth, my head was mashed up
even tighter into her hairy bush as she gave a deep sigh and then
released me. “That was pretty good, Baby Buns,” she chuckled.
“Any of you girls want to try this with him? If you get his nose
up there just right, it’s almost as good as the real thing!”
At that point something in my mind snapped. With a sob of
frustration and humiliation I spun away from her, rose to my
feet, whirled completely around and tried to backhand her across
the face. Although caught completely by surprise, she reacted
instantly, catching my wrist in a bonecrushing grip and bending
me backward across her thighs. “Did you see that?” she gasped.
“My little toy actually tried to hit me!” With that, she slid
one hand down my back to grasp my belt firmly and lift me bodily
off the floor, holding me at arm’s length like a sack of feathers
while I thrashed about helplessly in the grip of her single hand.
Carrying me to a high chair in the center of the room and
slamming me face down across her lap with a force that took my
breath away, she quickly pulled my pants and underwear down to
expose my bare buttocks. “Boys and girls,” she announced to her
guests, “you are about to witness how a real woman handles a
naughty little man toy who gets out of line.” And with that, she
proceeded to spank my bare bottom with the palm of her hand as
though I were a child.

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