Slave With A Hardon

I finished drying, except for the soggy G-string, and went
into the bedroom. My raging hard-on was sticking out the top of
the pouch on the G-string. She walked into the bedroom a few
minutes later wearing a red satin camisole, garter belt, nylons
and black patent leather pumps. She came over to the edge of the
bed where I was sitting, grabbed my balls through the pouch, and
told me to open my mouth. She then stuffed my mouth with a couple
pairs of her panties and tied a scarf around my head to form a
gag. She then found a thick rubber band and doubled it, and slipped
it over my balls- the pain was excrusating. Now she bound my
wrists behind my back and tied my ankles together to insure I was
fairly immobile. My balls really began to hurt. As she finished
tying me up I wondered what she had in store for me this evening.
She usually didn’t tie me up, since I’m always very cooperative.

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