Wet opening

“More!” She was shouting now, “Beat me some more, you bastard!”
Well, I really laid into her this time, thumping her really hard in her
tits about ten times before hitting her twice in the stomach. This made
her jump up until her head was almost upright, so I knocked her back
with my other fist, before wading in with both fists until her face was
a bloody mess.

Suddenly her body started to shudder violently. I couldn’t believe
it! After the pasting I had just given her, she was having one of the
most intense orgasms I’ve ever witnessed. It took about a minute before
her spasms slowed then stopped altogether. She then lifted her hands to
her breasts and winced as she tweaked the bruised nipples into erection.
Now her legs stretched open wider, making her puffy labia part to reveal
her very wet opening.

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